Christian Legal Society publishes resources for law students and lawyers. Our hope is that these publications will equip law students and campus fellowships to think well about the call to law.

The Christian Lawyer magazine is published twice a year with the goal of challenging and encouraging vocational stewardship within the legal profession.

The Journal of Christian Legal Thought seeks to equip and encourage legal professionals to seek and study biblical truth as it relates to law, the practice of law, and legal institutions. Theological reflection on the law, a lawyer’s work, and legal institutions is central to a lawyer’s calling, and the Journal exists to help practicing lawyers, law students, judges, and legal scholars engage in this theological and practical reflection, both as a professional community and as individuals. The Journal is published twice a year.

Hundreds of lawyers subscribe to the CLS bi-monthly devotional, produced with lawyers and law students in mind. Browse the archive or subscribe here.

Beginning in 2018, CLS will be commissioning white papers from professors and lawyers on topics related to faith and law. They are catalogued here.

The CLS Blog, authored by CLS staff and board members, will launch in the summer of 2018.

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